LESIM2D---a research-oriented CFD code for modeling two-dimensional incompressible fluid flow with moving solid bodies in arbitrary shapes. It features level set representation and tracking of solid bodies in a fluid domain. Fluid flow is solved using a fractional step method.

The code is designed as a platform to let users quickly learn and pursue further studies in immersed boundary method, which is still a very active research area in CFD and has a lot of room for improvement and challenges to overcome. To that end, a detailed user manual was written to document subroutines and sample runs demonstrating different features of the code.

The code can be extended to its three-dimensional version straightforwardly, and can be extended to deal with heat transfer, mass transfer, turbulent flow, etc. It is written using FORTRAN90 and the full source code is sold as is. For purchase and questions, please contact gfyao@numersolution.com.

Channel flow with multiple solid bodies

Sedimentation of  an elliptical cylinder